Components.DropdownMenu public

Component for the dropdown menu.

See Components.Dropdown for examples.

_element null | HTMLElement private

_renderInPlace boolean private

align string public

Default: left

Defined in addon/components/bs-dropdown/menu.js:38

Alignment of the menu, either "left" or "right"

ariaRole string protected

Default: menu

Defined in addon/components/bs-dropdown/menu.js:30

destinationElement object private

The wormhole destinationElement

direction string private

Default: 'down'

Defined in addon/components/bs-dropdown/menu.js:49

dividerComponent {String} private

itemComponent {String} private

linkToComponent {String} private

renderInPlace boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-dropdown/menu.js:58

By default the menu is rendered in the same place as the dropdown. If you experience clipping issues, you can set this to false to render the menu in a wormhole at the top of the DOM.