Components.Progress public

Component to display a Bootstrap progress bar, see


The component yields a Components.ProgressBar component that represents a single bar. Use the value property to control the progress bar's width. To apply the different styling options supplied by Bootstrap, use the appropriate properties like type, showLabel, striped or animate.

<BsProgress as |pg| >
  < @value={{this.progressValue}} @minValue={{0}} @maxValue={{10}} @showLabel={{true}} @type="danger" aria-label="Loading" />

Don't forget to add a aria-label attribute to the progress bar for accessibility!


You can place multiple progress bar components in a single progress component to create a stack of progress bars as seen in

<BsProgress as |pg| >
  < @value={{this.progressValue1}} @type="success" />
  < @value={{this.progressValue2}} @type="warning" />
  < @value={{this.progressValue3}} @type="danger" />

Note that only invoking the component in a template as shown above is considered part of its public API. Extending from it (subclassing) is generally not supported, and may break at any time.

Item Index

progressBarComponent {String} private