Components.ModalSimple public

Component for creating Bootstrap modals with a some common default markup including a header, footer and body. Creating a simple modal is easy:

<BsModalSimple @title="Simple Dialog">
  Hello world!

This will automatically create the appropriate markup, with a modal header containing the title, and a footer containing a default "Ok" button, that will close the modal automatically (unless you return false from onHide).

A modal created this way will be visible at once. You can use the {{#if ...}} helper to hide all modal elements from the DOM until needed. Or you can bind the open argument to trigger showing and hiding the modal:

<BsModalSimple @open={{this.openModal}} @title="Simple Dialog">
  Hello world!

Custom Markup

To customize the markup within the modal you can use the component.

Modals with forms

There is a special case when you have a form inside your modals body: you probably do not want to have a submit button within your form but instead in your modal footer. Hover pressing the submit button outside your form would not trigger the form data to be submitted. In the example below this would not trigger the submit action of the form, and thus bypass the form validation feature of the form component.

<BsModalSimple @title="Form Example" @closeTitle="Cancel" @submitTitle="Ok">
  <BsForm @model={{this}} @onSubmit={{this.submit}} @submitOnEnter={{true}} as |Form|>
    <Form.element @label="first name" @property="firstname" />
    <Form.element @label="last name" @property="lastname" />

The modal component supports this common case by triggering the submit event programmatically on the body's form if present whenever the footer's submit button is pressed. To allow the form to be submitted by pressing the enter key also, you must either set @submitOnEnter={{true}} on the <BsForm> or include an invisible submit button in the form (<button type="submit" class="d-hidden">Submit</button>).


In order to allow key handling to function, the modal's root element is given focus once the modal is shown. If your modal contains an element such as a text input and you would like it to be given focus rather than the modal element, then give it the HTML5 autofocus attribute:

<BsModalSimple @title="Form Example" @closeTitle="Cancel" @submitTitle="Ok">
  <BsForm @model={{this}} @onSubmit={{this.submit}} @submitOnEnter={{true}} as |Form|>
    <Form.element @label="first name" @property="firstname" @autofocus={{true}} />
    <Form.element @label="last name" @property="lastname" />

Modals inside wormhole

Modals make use of the ember-wormhole addon, which will be installed automatically alongside ember-bootstrap. This is used to allow the modal to be placed in deeply nested components/templates where it belongs to logically, but to have the actual DOM elements within a special container element, which is a child of ember's root element. This will make sure that modals always overlay the whole app, and are not effected by parent elements with overflow: hidden for example.

If you want the modal to render in place, rather than being wormholed, you can set @renderInPlace={{true}}.

backdrop boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:107

Use a semi-transparent modal background to hide the rest of the page.

backdropClose boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:155

If true clicking on the backdrop will close the modal.

backdropTransitionDuration number public

Default: 150

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:182

The duration of the backdrop fade transition

closeButton boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:245

Display a close button (x icon) in the corner of the modal header.

closeTitle string public

Default: 'Ok'

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:254

The title of the default close button.

fade boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:98

Set to false to disable fade animations.

keyboard boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:116

Closes the modal when escape key is pressed.

onHidden function public

Default: null

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:216

The action to be sent after the modal has been completely hidden (including the CSS transition).

onHide function public

The action to be sent when the modal is closing. This will be triggered by pressing the modal header's close button (x button) or the modal footer's close button. Note that this will happen before the modal is hidden from the DOM, as the fade transitions will still need some time to finish. Use the onHidden if you need the modal to be hidden when the action triggers.

You can return false to prevent closing the modal automatically, and do that in your action by setting @open to false.

onShow function public

Default: null

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:225

The action to be sent when the modal is opening. This will be triggered immediately after the modal is shown (so it's safe to access the DOM for size calculations and the like). This means that if @fade={{true}}, it will be shown in between the backdrop animation and the fade animation.

onShown function public

The action to be sent after the modal has been completely shown (including the CSS transition).

onSubmit function public

The action to be sent when the modal footer's submit button (if present) is pressed. Note that if your modal body contains a form (e.g. Components.Form) this action will not be triggered. Instead, a submit event will be triggered on the form itself. See the class description for an example.

open boolean public

Default: true

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:86

Visibility of the modal. Toggle to show/hide with CSS transitions.

When the modal is closed by user interaction this property will not update by using two-way bindings in order to follow DDAU best practices. If you want to react to such changes, subscribe to the onHide action

position {string} public

Default: 'top'

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:125

[BS4 only!] Vertical position, either 'top' (default) or 'center' 'center' will apply the modal-dialog-centered class

renderInPlace boolean public

Default: false

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:164

If true component will render in place, rather than be wormholed.

scrollable boolean public

Default: false

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:135

[BS4 only!] Allows scrolling within the modal body 'true' will apply the modal-dialog-scrollable class

size String public

Property for size styling, set to null (default), 'lg' or 'sm'

Also see the Bootstrap docs

submitButtonType string public

Default: 'primary'

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:263

The type of the submit button (primary button).

submitTitle string public

Default: null

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:272

The title of the submit button (primary button). Will be ignored (i.e. no button) if set to null.

title string public

The title of the modal, visible in the modal header. Is ignored if header is false.

transitionDuration number public

Default: 300

Defined in addon/components/bs-modal-simple.js:173

The duration of the fade transition