Components.ListGroup public

Component for creating Bootstrap List Groups with custom markup.


<BsListGroup as |ListGroup|>
 <ListGroup.item>An item</ListGroup.item>
 <ListGroup.item>A second item</ListGroup.item>
 <ListGroup.item>A third item</ListGroup.item>

Advanced Usage

<BsListGroup as |ListGroup|>
 {{#let (component ListGroup.item htmlTag="a" actionable=true) as |ListGroupItem|}}
   <ListGroupItem @active={{true}}>An item</ListGroupItem>
   <ListGroupItem>A second item</ListGroupItem>
   <ListGroupItem @disabled={{true}}>A third item</ListGroupItem>

The component yields references to the following contextual components, that you can use to further customize the output:

Item Index