Components.FormElementLabel private

controlType string public

The type of the control widget. Supported types:

  • 'text'
  • 'checkbox'
  • 'textarea'
  • any other type will use an input tag with the controlType value as the type attribute (for e.g. HTML5 input types like 'email'), and the same layout as the 'text' type

formElementId {String} public

formLayout string public

Default: 'vertical'

Defined in addon/components/bs-form/element/label.js:50

The form layout used for the markup generation (see

  • 'horizontal'
  • 'vertical'
  • 'inline'

Defaults to the parent form's formLayout property.

invisibleLabel boolean public

isCheckbox boolean private

Indicates whether the type of the control widget equals checkbox

isHorizontal boolean private

Indicates whether the form type equals horizontal

label string public

labelClass {String} public

size String public

[BS4 only] Property for size styling, set to 'lg', 'sm'